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The Annual Feast of Our Lady of Health is celebrated from 29 August to 8 Sept

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"Thanks mother for being with me and giving me the courage "

by: Gladston Eims


"Thank you Mother so much for answering my prayer once again"

by: Antionette

Velankanni Hotels With Tariff

Hotel Seagate, Velankanni

Hotel Seagate Velankanni is the popular luxury hotel in Velankanni and offer fine services with variety of AC and non AC rooms.

Hotel Seagate Velankanni Room Tariff

Rs.900, Rs.1300, Rs. 1500, Rs. 1600, Rs. 1750, Rs. 2400, Rs. 2750, Rs. 3000, Rs. 3900

Hotel Picnic, Velankanni

Hotel Picnic, Velankanni is the best budget hotel in Velankanni located close to Velankanni Church and offers luxury facilities with multicuisine restaurant.

Hotel Picnic Velankanni Room Tariff

Rs. 750, Rs. 1000, Rs. 1250, Rs. 1350, Rs. 1600, Rs. 1900

Hotel Clinton Park Inn, Velankanni

Hotel Clinton Park Inn is 3 star hotels in Velankanni located near Velankanni Church offer world class facilities, multicuisine restaurant, bar, air conditioned rooms, roof top restaurant.

Hotel Clinton Park Inn Velankanni Room Tariff

Rs. 2300, Rs. 3200, Rs. 3500, Rs. 5600, Rs. 6500

Angel Residency, Velankanni

Angel Residency is one of the fine budget hotel in Velankanni located near Punitha Arokia Matha Hospital, Velankanni and also walkable distance from the church.

Angel Residency Velankanni Room Tariff

Rs. 400, Rs. 450, Rs. 500, Rs. 600, Rs. 1100, Group Stay : Rs. 1500

Hotel VPN Resorts, Velankanni

VPN Resorts is the stylish resorts in Velankanni located in main road of Velankanni near Our Lady Tank offer AC Cottages and 12 Bed Family Suite Rooms.

VPN Resorts Velankanni Room Tariff

Rs. 3900, Rs. 7900

Annai Maria Lodge, Velankanni

Annai Maria Lodge, Velankanni is luxury type lodges in Velankanni with cheap price rooms provide comfortable stay to the guests, located just walkable distance from the Velankanni Shrine.

Annai Maria Lodge Velankanni Room Tariff

Rs. 500, Rs. 1000